Distance Education

Distance education not only caters to the needs of those students who are unable to enroll into a formal stream of education but also fulfills the need of lifelong learning for working professionals. Distance Education is the most desirable way of education for working professionals and discontinued students. Distance education provides platform to students to continue education instead of being dropout from the regular education system due to lack of resources. The purposive of every education is to obtain factual knowledge and employment and distance education is not an exception. The distance education is a vital tool to improve the productivity of already working people and providing them chance to proceed further in their career. Young universities like Indira Gandhi National Open University has registered tremendous growth rate in compare to universities like University of Delhi one of the oldest university in India. This is because of the demand of distance education programmes.

Distance education can be defined as an education in which the role of educator is replaced by other means of education like Self Learning Materials (SLMs) for self-study. The education providing body may be situated far away from the education seeker. This feature of distance education is making it suitable for working professionals, education seekers who do not have opportunity to study in conventional education system due to any of the possible reasons.

Part Time Education is boon for Working class people and research scholars.People who is working and cann't attend regular classes and the research program is now banned by UGC for those people this is the way by which they can accelate their career without any limitation because this degree is at par with regular.

Full Time Education means a student give full attention to his/ her career. Full Time education not only facilitated people to study but also help in improving the productivity of nation. All over India there are many universities offering full time education. In India all the full time education degrees which are approved by the UGC are considered for all purposes including post & services to the central government.

The Vidya Tilak College of Higher Education is offering Distance Education Programmes, Part Time Education Program & Full Time Education Program recognized by UGC /DEC /Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC .